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Light Steam Power   August 2009  
National Steam Car Association Formed   15th June 2009  


NSCA proudly joins forces with the Walton Family to preserve Light Steam Power

An agreement has been reached between the Walton family, Mr Chris Wedgwood and the new National Steam Car Association who have been given the sole rights to the published and so far un-published works from the collection of Mr J N Walton of LIGHT STEAM POWER. The collection consists of;

The Bolsover Brothers magazines

Light Steam Power Magazines

Reprints of old time catalogues

Numerous Sets of Drawings


John Ness Walton has been interested in steam from an early age. Born in Millom, Cumbria in June 1921, he took an apprenticeship at his Uncles colliery, where after a long days work, looking after the winding engine he would cycle 14 miles each way, to attend night school in order to gain the theoretical knowledge. During the war John joined the RAF and was based in Norfolk where shortly after the war he purchased a magazine from two elderly gentlemen (the Bolsover brothers) and developed it into what we now know as "Light Steam Power"

Over the years John continued to develop the publishing business, adding reprints of catalogues, working drawings and castings. His combined collection now boasts over 700 exhibits, from pictures and paintings to stationary steam engines and six different steam car engines! Within his personal archive much of the information dates back to the early 1800's.

With advancing years, the desire to find a partner to preserve the considerable depth of knowledge in the huge amount of published works and drawings in his collection led the family and their representative, Mr Chris Wedgwood to find such a partner. During a private steam car tour to the Isle of Man in 2008 the idea was discussed between David Webster, now Chairman of the new National Steam Car Association and Chris Wedgwood on how this could be achieved.

With the formation of the new National Steam Car Association, the discussion re-opened as the objectives of the Walton family in preserving the legacy of LIGHT STEAM POWER and all the previous published works and even some so far un-published works could be brought together into an active ‘archive’ that would be accessible via the National Steam Car Association for the foreseeable future.

With the sole publishing rights now granted to the NSCA, the Associations’ aim will be to establish a full listing of everything that exists in the archive, with the objective of making copies of all the published work available to individuals and bodies worldwide. The NSCA has also secured the rights to republish any of the works and will consider this if the demand justifies it. This includes J N Walton’s comprehensive description of Abner Doble’s work, Doble Steam Cars, Buses, Lorries and Railcars.

Full details will emerge in the National Steam Car Associations quarterly magazine, STEAM CAR WORLD as to how and when the archive will be set up and accessible. Initially the most important thing is to ensure that the lifetime work and publishing by J N Walton is preserved for the future.

Certainly, the Association’s magazine, STEAM CAR WORLD, will feature in future issues some of the previous published articles and some as yet un-published.

National Steam Car Association Formed - Monday 15th June 2009

With the ever increasing interest in Steam Car preservation, the National Traction Engine Trust were approached by a group of well known Steam Car Owners who as a result have formed the National Steam Car Association, very much affiliated to the National Traction Engine Trust, sharing in general the same principles and aims as the NTET.



The objects of the new National Steam Car Association are, apart from catering for all those interested in Steam Cars themselves, to promote responsible preservation, restoration and conservation of all steam cars, including those of both historic and educational value. Members of the new NSCA, aim to take part in not only their own activities, but to integrate with the NTET's Steam Apprentice Club and Approved Rallies and Events, allowing their interest in Steam Cars to be spread amongst all steam related groups. Together with the NTET they aim to develop a guide for all Steam Car users, covering maintenance, restoration and the general running and regular examinations of the pressure systems, so that anyone interested can come to the NTET for the same advice and support as any new Engine owner, likewise the Steam Apprentice Club will have a route for any younger members specifically showing an interest in cars. Another important activity of the new NSCA will be to build a historic archive, pattern register and technical support for all cars in preservation. Like the NTET, the NSCA will share the objective of 'Preserving our heritage with steam on the road'.

David Webster, well known to both the traction engine and steam car fraternity will be the NSCA'a first Chairman. David was one of the initial End to End runners in his Sentinel S4 in 1977 and previous owner of the Sentinel S6 'TARMAC' waggon, before retiring from bigger things and taking up his own interest and ownership of a Stanley Steamer several years ago, being an active member of the steam car fraternity.

Membership is being handled by Mrs Diana Goddard and all enquires for membership can be addressed to her or Sally-Ann Dod who is the new Company Secretary. Membership is £25.00 per year. The new National Steam Car Association has its newly developed website, www.steamcarassociation.org.uk, where full contact details can be found and they plan to publish a quarterly and informative magazine to all members.

The new National Steam Car Association will be staging its main launch at this year's Great Dorset Steam Fair, where the NTET will be hosting the new Club with a display of steam cars in its marquee and all those interested will be welcome.

For more information contact:

Membership: Diana Goddard ,29 Nibs Heath Montford Bridge, Shrewsbury Shropshire SY4 1HL email: - membership@steamcarassociation.org.uk

Tel: - 01939 260595

London to Brighton Run - NSCA medal winners

As always the London to Brighton Run was well attended by pre 1904 Steam Cars. A number of our members attended and congratulations to Mr H Modderman for taking the Most Historic Vetran Car award at the Regent Street Concours event on the Saturday.

Check out the London to Brighton 2010 page for futher pictures.

Light Steam Power goes live

Our Light Steam Power section of our website is now online and fully functioning.
Here you will be able to learn more about the amazing collection and works of J Walton and also order up part articles and drawings.

Click here to go straight there or hit the LSP menu button on the top right of every page.

Latest Cars to ship to the UK

A number of our members are now the lucky owners of cars which are on the way from the US. Watch the magazine and newsletters for more details. We wish you all luck with your new 'toys' and hope to see you out at events with us very soon.

If you fancy a car there are lots for sale at present - so check out the Classifieds page

Jeff Theobald

Our steam car fraternity were shocked to hear of the sudden passing of Jeff Theobald on the 6th October. A keen enthusiast for many years Jeff was well known by many of our members as both an avid collector and was a regular at tours and events throughout the UK.

The thoughts of all that knew him go out to his family at this difficult time.



(photo of Jeff and his dear friend Jim King in his Stanley 2007)

Oct 2010 Blowdown newsletter is out.

To all our members the latest NSCA Blowdown newsletter has gone out via email - please do let us know if you do not recieve yours.

As always if there is anything you wish to submit for either the magazine or the newsletter please contact us


Great Dorset Steam Fair - Welcome to our new members
A full report will appear in our next magazine but in the mean time can we say a huge hello to all those new members that joined at the event. Many of you are from across the seas and it was wonderful to get the chance to meet with you, have a gossip, and most importantly a laugh. We hope that you will be back again!
Also hello to all those current members that took the time to come and visit the stand we all had a wonderful week.




John Cook
It is with great saddness that we report the John Cook passed away on Sunday 29th August.
Vice Chairman and long serving member of the NTET John gave the NSCA huge support last year and he will be hugely missed by all that knew him in the steam fraternity.
Our thoughts go out to his family at this difficult time.
Kemble Mini Tour - best of both worlds

Our first mini tour was a great success. Eight cars toured the Cotswolds for 3 days before spending the weekend at the Kemble Steam Rally.

Lots of members joined us and we had a wonderful time all round.

More pictures up soon.






Beaulieu event gets great press coverage.

The success of the new Beaulieu Steam Revival got great press coverage.

With NSCA providing the visiting steam cars to accompany the museums Grenville all had an amazing time as the 5 page write up in Vintage Spirit reports.



Conviction of Boiler Inspector - article from the NTET

The following article is reported by the NTET on the 27/05/09

The Trust is saddened to learn of the conviction of Tony Reen for serious breaches of health and safety obligations following a successful prosecution brought by the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR). This news is carried on the ORR's news page (http://www.rail-reg.gov.uk/server/show/ConWebDoc.10096) and on Old Glory's news page (http://www.oldglory.co.uk/news/competent-person-failed-to-properly-inspect-loco-boiler)

The NTET has always held that competent persons acting in the role of boiler inspector are an extremely important backstop that helps in safeguarding the longevity of our hobby. When the process of inspections is seen to fail, as it appears to have done in this case, a number of questions are inevitably raised about the ethics, conduct and integrity of the boiler inspections community, particularly the so called independent boiler inspectors.

It is to their credit that the independent boiler inspectors have recently joined together to form The Association of Independent Boiler Inspectors to address these same issues. The Trust has been encouraged by their endeavours thus far. However, it is one thing to have standards and procedures but it quite another to ensure that they are adhered to. Let us sincerely hope that this fledgling organisation will have the courage and conviction to deal with these issues as they arise, for all our sakes.

In the past the Trust has been heavily criticised by engine owners and non-owners for attempting to put in place standards and controls for boiler inspections carried out on traction engines and the like. These processes were designed to assist inspectors and owners alike meet the spirit of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR 2000). This was felt to be necessary by the Trust particularly as the hobby is held to operate mainly outside of the requirements of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 and consequently there was no other body that could legitimately police our hobby. Since the conclusion of this court case however, it has come to light that this 'freedom to adopt the spirit of PSSR 2000 rather than have it enforced' may be dissolving as the HSE is now thought to be reviewing its stance on 'hobby steam' in whatever guise it appears.

Members Meeting 17th April 2010 – Report

Members Meeting,

Saturday 17th April 2010 at 11am onward with the official meeting at 1.30pm

Kilsby Village Hall,

Kilsby, Rugby,

Northamptonshire. CV23 8XX.

Ian Broadbent

We find ourselves again reporting the sad loss of another member.

Mr Ian Broadbent was a true gentleman who has given the club his unfailing support over the last year even though suffering deteriating health, and for that the club will be eternally grateful. He was a great man of many talents, wonderful qualities and engaging stories.

It was our pleasure to have Ian and his lovely wife Christine with us at our launch at Dorset where even under wheelchair power he supported us tirelessly.

Our thoughts go out his wife Christine, son Craig and daughter Wendy and their families at this truly sad and difficult time.


Michael Oliver

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Michael Oliver. Known throughout the steam fraternity and regular face at so many rallies he was one of the founding members of Stourpaine Bushes Rally which we all know became The Great Dorset Steam Fair.

His funeral is to be held at Child Okeford in Dorset at 2pm on Tuesday 15th December in St Nicholas Church. For further details and to register your attendance (as numbers are expected over 1000) please visit The Great Dorset Steam Fair website

Our thoughts go to Jean, Martin, Sarah and families

Jim Calder

It is with great sadness that we report that fellow member Jim Calder passed away on Saturday 19th September.

A founder member of the steam car movement in this country and a regular face at Steam Rallies across the country Jim was always to be spotted out and about in his distinctive Foden Tractor or his Steam Bread Delivery Van, both in "J Calder and Sons - The Regal Steam Bakery" livery.

Jim had undergone surgery for a brain tumour in June but had returned home from hospital to be with his family.

Our thoughts go out to Sue, Ian, Stewart and family, he will be greatly missed by all that had the pleasure to know him.

Official Launch - a HUGE Success

The National Steam Car Association were pleased to officially launch from this years Great Dorset Steam Fair.

Invited by the National Traction Engine Trust we provided a display of steam cars in their marquee which stands in the center of the main working steam section of the 500 acre showground.


We had a excellent week attracting much attention and many new members. All the officers and volunteer members that attended were overwhelmed with the positive and supportive response to our new Association and we would all like to thank everyone that took the time to come up and say hello.

We would also like to thank the Steam Fair Radio and show for their excellent coverage of our launch. Our stand in the marquee was matched by the excellent display of cars and Association stand in the Steam Car section at the top of the play pen, where again we were on hand to answer questions and meet with members and public.

On the Saturday evening our week was topped off with a evening of 'Natters and Noggins', with a traditional folk band in attendance from the show and a chance to meet some of the new members that we had met throughout the week the four hour party was a great success with a wonderful friendly atmosphere and we hope that those that joined us had just as good a time as we did.

For a full report please check out the next magazine and you can also see more photos on the GDSF 2009 page. In addition the launch has got great press coverage so if you are lucky enough to subscribe to Vintage Spirit then check out page 52.

NSCA proudly joins forces to preserve Light Steam Power

The National Steam Car Association are joining forces with the Walton Family to preserve the Light Steam Power Archive. For the full press release please see below and for more information on Light Steam Power go to our LSP page for more details







Congratulations to Dean and Steve for completing their epic trip
The National Steam Car Association would like to Congratulate Dean and Steve on a great achievement - see the Challenge page for more details.
The British Steam Car Challenge - World record finally broken by the British Team

The British Steam Car Challenge has successfully broken the steam car world land speed record. For full details see our British Steam Car Challenge page.

Watch out for more television coverage

The British Steam Car Team were featured on the BBC 1 Inside Out programme (South region) on 19th October at 7.30pm, as a two-part special.


The first on the 19th covered the UK car development and testing, and the USA record will be aired on the 26th October. If you are not in the South region you can view it on Sky channel 984, or BBC iplayer.

Blue Peter, The One Show and BBC 2 documentary will be broadcast on either the 17th or 18th November – and will be confirmed with scheduling by November 3rd. We will keep you posted with steam team news!